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If you have recently taken up the game of golf, or, if you have been playing the game for a while but have not seen any improvement, it may be time to get back to basics - golf swing basics.

There is, perhaps, no other popular sport in which the fundamental skill that lies at the center of it is as difficult to master as the golf swing.

When you see it performed by golf professionals on television, it appears effortless, but when attempted by “ordinary” people, well, the word, “effortless” is not the first to come to mind.

Evidence the video below:



What Are Golf Swing Basics?

One of the things that makes golf such a challenging game to learn is that that are different clubs for different situations.

Imagine having to switch tennis racquets every time you went from hitting a backhand to a forehand, and then again to hit a serve or play a shot at the net.

But that is the game of golf – a driver off the tee, another driver or iron from the fairway, a series of different clubs to chip and putt – and every club requires a different “touch” or “feel”.

So, if virtually every shot is played with a different club, how can there be any golf swing fundamentals?

Well, there are.

Every golf shot – or, to be more specific – every golf swing has the following common elements: a golf grip, a golf stance, a back swing, a golf plane and a follow-through.

These are the five golf swing basics.

There are many other aspects and nuances to the game of golf, of course, but until you understand these five basic components of the golf swing, your game – and your golf ball, for that matter – will never take off.


The Structure of This Website

Once again, this website is intended to help people who are just learning the game of golf for the first time or who have been playing the game for a while without really having a solid foundation in the basics of the golf swing.

All of the information on this site is “stand alone”, which means that if you are only looking for information about the golf stance, you can access that page and read what is written there.

Or, you can go through the pages in sequence, beginning with the golf grip and ending with the follow-through, just as you do when you swing a golf club.


Table of Contents

The Table of Contents below illustrates the sequence of information on this site.


1. Golf Swing Basics, 2. Proper Golf Grip, 3. Golf Stance, 4. Golf Back Swing, 5.Golf Swing Plane, 6. Golf Swing Follow Through 7. Golf Swing Drills 8. Putting Drills 9. Golf Swing Mechanics 10. How to Swing a Golf Club 11. Golf Swing Tempo





The above Table of Contents is “clickable”, so if you want to navigate to any of the posts you can do by clicking on the item, or you can use the links in the Pages and Posts sections of the sidebar.


How To Use the Information on This Site

One of the main objectives of this website is to demonstrate that when it comes to hitting a golf ball, there is no “single right way” to do it.

If you have ever watched a professional golf tournament on television, you may have noticed that no two players have the exact same golf swing.


At the same time, you will also notice that there are a number of commonalities among the golf swings – that is, every golf swing involves a grip, stance, back swing, swing plane and follow-through, although there may be slight variations in terms of the actual execution of those elements.

There are many reasons for this but, principally, people are all constructed differently – they are not all the same height, they don’t all have the same size of hands or fingers, etc., and so the golf swing has to feel comfortable for each person and be modified to accommodate each person’s individual needs.

For that reason, in virtually every category of golf swing basics there are several options – i.e., there are three popular grips, at least two prevalent theories as to golf swing plane, and so on.

If you are just starting out in the game of golf – or just beginning to get serious about improving your game – you want to experiment within a relatively narrow range of options – that is, try a few grips and see which one feels most comfortable.

You also want to avoid doing things WRONG – and, while there is no single RIGHT way to do things, there is an infinite number of wrong ways to do them.

Once again, the video that we looked at above provides ample evidence of people “doing things wrong” when it comes to swinging a golf club.

The information on this website is intended to get you started at a very basic level – that is, it covers golf swing basics – so that you can go out on the course and not make a fool of yourself – and see how much of a commitment you want to make to really improving your game.

If you decide to make a further commitment to improving your game – that is, to go from shooting 90 or 95 to breaking 80 – you will want to consider a comprehensive program that takes you through all facets of the game.


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There is nothing wrong with that, of course, and the information provided on this website should help you attain that level.

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